Some people have remarked to me, “I like the pit bulls but I wouldn’t want to deal with all the negativity that surrounds them”. If you love them, be an ambassador for them! Don’t worry about the negativity that others try to force into your life. The love a pit bull gives to us is immeasurably more powerful than any insult that has ever been uttered; more powerful than any law ever written against them. Stand up for this love and do not cower away from the opportunity to embrace this love– because if you ever do get a pit bull you will surely understand it and wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.

3 thoughts on “BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM

  1. Testify! I have never had an animal demonstrate his love for me more strongly than my Pit Bull does!

  2. My granddoggie Trip is the most loyal loving dog. Im sick with cancer and he has been so.comforting and my joy….love much!!

  3. I have had my life saved twice when no law was there to help and my husband was gone…i owe my life to my bullies fo risking theirs without a second thought…my step daughter nephews neice and neighborhood kids play with them…all have their own personality i see no evil in my bullies eyes i see a friend guardian and an angle…

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