While I watch my girl laying in bed looking out the window I am imbued with a sense of love so profound that it seems to vacuum the air from my lungs for just a moment. She turns around and looks at me, tail wagging, smiling her big pit bull smile and I feel an unbridled joy cleanse me from all doubt and fear. Something tells me that everything will be okay… because love never dies.

2 thoughts on “LOVE NEVER DIES

  1. i love this , my rescue really rescued me and my family, she’s been sick and as I cry and lose sleep I hold her yet she is the one that shows no fear no pain just a tail wagging or a paw on my arm so gentle so graceful as I struggle to fight my pain she reassures me to know ” I’m here mom ”
    Thank you for your words I can’t imagine If one has never met a pit bull they sadly have not known real love !

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