On Pit Bull Owners

Anti-pit bull groups (whose names will not receive exposure from our site), are intent on perpetuating the stereotype that ALL pit bull owners are malevolent, drug dealing criminals. They want to convince other citizens that the only people who are interested in obtaining pit bulls are aggressive individuals and/or gang members who want to showcase their ferocity. They massage these conceptions into misinformation, and then attempt to appear as legitimate “safety advocates” whose only intentions are to protect children from “rampant dog attacks”. Their entire premise is a house of cards built on antiquated banalities, racism, and hyperbole. We’d like to thank everyone on this group for showing how humiliatingly wrong they really are. Pit Bulls are for LOVERS! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “On Pit Bull Owners

  1. I’ve been looking for a pitbull puppy. I have an older chihuahua Thadious and he great with everyone and everything living. I would love to adopt, purchase or rescue a pit. I have a fenced yard in a safe neighborhood and a happy home to give a Pitbull a forever home.

  2. I have a 18-20 yr young baby and hes blind my Axylgreese is blind but still very healthy otherwise and im trying to find a male xxl breed pit puppy . Now this pup will never replace my love for Axyl ,he came to me as a street dog 3-5 yrs old and only weighed 35 lbs ,I had recently lost a child andjust started back to work on the night shift 12 hr as a C.N.A. taking care of the eldrly and was on my lunch when this amazing dog walked around 12 people to sit down right in front of me ,So I feed him my dinner and I figured he would run but didn’t ,the local cop came out and said that he had that very same dogs pic,in every window for over 4 months and no one had called about it and if I wanted him to please give him a home ,so I called my b-friend at the time and asked him to come get the dog until I got off of work and everyone just fell in love with him hes so gentil and the color of a deer please if you can help im on fb .Jaymie Hanna

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