Haters gonna Hate

We’ve encountered way too many people who are unashamedly genocidal toward pit bulls. The fact that these bigoted attitudes have sustained such longevity is a marvel to behold. I love how smug and self-content these people get when they can exploit a tragedy. It’s trafficking in human misery and it’s a damn disgrace– all so they can feel justified in rabble rousing against innocent pit bull owners who have just as much to do with these anecdotes as the people leading the witch-hunt. Nothing. I loathe hearing about people suffering, infinitely more than those who pretend they care just to have ammunition, but I simply will not treat my dogs like criminals merely to appease somebody’s blatant, unchecked ignorance and blind hatred.

Million Pibble March

(Rebecca Simmers of Pit Bulls are for Lovers with Gordon Shell at the One Million Pibble March on DC)

We are happy to announce that Pit Bulls are for Lovers raised $1,900 for the One Million Pibble March on DC. We appreciate everyone who has supported us and the march!! It was a great day for pit bulls, and we will be posting more pics and stories soon. Upload your pics from the march to our facebook page and we will share them for the whole community to see! 🙂

The One Million Pibble March on DC!

Pit Bulls are for Lovers are PROUD sponsors of the One Million Pibble March on DC coming up this May! The event is hosted by activist and comedian Rebecca Corry, who is energetic, intelligent, sarcastic, humorous and highly motivated to fight for what is right. Rebecca is President of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation that she formed in honor of her rescue Pit Bull Angel. Despite all odds, she has risen in opposition to challenge BSL, breed discrimination, dog fighting and animal abuse. While critics have raised their eyebrows about pit bulls, she has dedicated her career to raising awareness and inspiring other activists to resist the onslaught that has been created against them.

The One Million Pibble March on DC will be the first national convergence on the Capitol of its’ kind. The intention of the March is to increase political and social awareness about breed laws and the underground world of dog fighting. This is a much needed effort to help combat the over population, abuse, neglect and senseless killing of pit bulls. While Rescues who protect and re-home pit bulls are fantastic, without changing the laws and creating an environment safe and sane for all dogs, the pressure on these amazing groups will never be alleviated. A peaceful, grassroots approach such as the Million Pibble March will be a huge step in the right direction to gain national attention to the unfairness and injustice pit bulls and their owners have endured for far too long. Lobbying to change the laws is paramount to the progress we seek as pit bull advocates!

If you are interested in attending this March in person, please read more about it HERE. If you are a pit bull owner or animal activist or a sympathizer to the plight for pit bulls, your attendance is highly encouraged. If you cannot be there physically for whatever reason, please consider holding a small rally or vigil locally in unity with the National rally.

Also, events of this magnitude are NOT inexpensive projects. They cost big time! That is why we have chosen to sponsor the march to demonstrate our sincerity. For every garment we sell, a portion will be donated to the march and whatever else we can afford to donate. Pit Bulls are for Lovers merchandise is not only a way to promote the breed, raise awareness, or to look awesome, but also to help with actual efforts to end the madness against pit bulls. We feel that our business combined with our philosophy of social change are powerful ammunition to attack injustice wherever it may roam… and we simply cannot prevail without dedicated groups and individuals who are willing to put everything on the line for what they believe in.

You can also donate directly to the march by clicking HERE. No dollar amount is too small, but keep in mind we have to act and fight back if we want the future for our pit bulls to be a bright and promising one. Nothing will change without resistance. Nobody will do the work for us so it is our responsibility to do what is right and do all that we can. If you are opposed to BSL, opposed to dog fighting, and opposed to discrimination, then this is your chance to embrace real change and real goals. Being angry about the injustices we face is a good start, but it is merely half the battle. So please donate today and plan to attend!

Never underestimate the power of social change.

Responsible Ownership

So you’ve decided to get a pit bull for the first time or perhaps you’ve had them all of your life? Whatever the case may be, the reality of owning a pit bull means that you’ve inherited a unique opportunity to do a great service to a very socially misunderstood breed. You’ve also inherited a controversy that, whether you like it or not, you’re going to eventually have to cope with. By this time you are more than likely familiar with the arguments and debates that surround this amazing animal. What you may not know is how important your individual involvement with the breed is to the overall community. You’ve probably heard the expression “It’s not the dog, it’s the owner” more times than you can recall, and though we hate to torment a cliche, it is still absolutely true. The outcome of raising any animal depends primarily on you, the owner.

We believe that the pit bull has suffered an unfair reputation, and likewise way too many good owners have endured unjustifiable discrimination because of that reputation, but the truth is that there are still owners today who are neglectful, irresponsible, and even abusive to their pit bulls. We need to create a safe, loving environment for every family and dog that comprises each neighborhood we live in. We need to know how to protect our pit bulls and how to minimize the risks that they will encounter. Have you ever walked by the house where there were numerous dogs left unattended in a yard for hours at a time? The people who do not care if their dogs escape and threaten other animals? Dogs who are neglected and left untreated and unloved? It all changes if that dog is a pit bull, regardless of how unjust this may be, it is nevertheless true. These are the people who loan their support to the negative reputation that exist with pit bulls. It isn’t fair to those who are good owners, it’s just simply what happens in the minds of spectators when terrible owners have pit bulls and let them become a menace. All it takes is one mistreated pit bull in one neighborhood to attack one dog or person, and the media can begin fanning the flames of misconception…and all of the myths and exaggerations that we fight adamantly against are given some kind of validity to those who do not know much about pit bulls. This is the condition we face as pit bull owners– We will ALL take a hit every time someone else allows their pit bull to do harm.

So if you have a pit bull that is anxious and/or aggressive to other dogs, make sure that they are protected. Make sure that the fence doesn’t have escape routes. Make sure they are on leash if in public, even in front yards or areas where you suspect they will not run away. Far too often we hear stories about a pit bull attacking a smaller dog who just happened to be walking through the neighborhood. Pit bulls are highly emotional, loyal animals and it is very rare that they will show aggression toward humans, but it does not mean they will not attack other wildlife. So it is your duty to make sure that you are keeping them safe by removing these hazards from their lives. Exercise control and caution at all times with any animal that you own. You cannot predict a speeding car or a loose animal or whatever else, so make sure your safeguards are set in place.  Having a pit bull is a lot of fun and a lot of work, so if you’re not up for the challenge, don’t accept it.

By this point you may be thinking, “this description doesn’t fit me, I am a good owner!” Rest assured, we understand. However, we owe it to ourselves and to the breed we love so much to call attention to these matters. If there is someone in your neighborhood who neglects, abuses or lets their dogs roam free, then they need to be questioned. You do not have to go knock on the door yourself and pick a fight, but there are resources locally who will intervene for you. Report them to the neighborhood association, etc. In our experience, people who have a tendency to abuse animals aren’t the types to heed casual suggestions, so having someone with authority tell them what to do is perfectly acceptable.

This one dog this one time…

We receive a lot of emails about isolated incidents where someone was hurt by a pit bull in attempt to discredit our entire movement. Today we are going to address this issue and set the record back on its toes. So to those who attempt these arguments against us in hopes to do a disservice to our cause, we challenge you to be open-minded and reasonable as you continue reading. We at “Pit Bulls are for Lovers” obviously do not want to see any harm become of any human being, which is precisely why we adamantly struggle to promote positive and responsible ownership of all animals, regardless of breed. In reality there are risks associated with most of the activities that we face in on our daily lives, and it is our own responsibility to assess whether those risks are worth taking or not. The amount of legislation that can be justified by your hyperbolic paranoia is infinite as we consider the things in our lives that can create harm if mistreated or misused. Your fear and ignorance about the dogs we choose to own is not a logical and reasonable way to determine if we should be able to have them or not. What you are doing is clinging to anecdotes about pit bulls without taking into consideration all of the variables that build the entire equation, which is disrespectful to both loving pit bull owners and those who were involved in the incidents you are exploiting. You are presenting misinformation and pseudoscience as factual evidence that pit bulls are an unstable risk to the population that must be countered with the force of law, when in reality the majority of pit bulls will never be involved in any sort of an attack. Instead of assisting a cause that seeks to save lives, increase knowledge, preserve individual liberty and promote love and respect, you are choosing to perpetuate myth, slander good law abiding citizens and erode our heritage of sovereignty. You have failed to decipher the difference between an entire population who love their pit bulls and treat them with the utmost affection and respect, with the scant few who choose to neglect and terrorize animals. We will thank you to re-evaluate your stance, and would appreciate an immediate ceasing of your libelous and unsupported claims against our families.

Pit Bulls are for Lovers.

On Pit Bull Owners

Anti-pit bull groups (whose names will not receive exposure from our site), are intent on perpetuating the stereotype that ALL pit bull owners are malevolent, drug dealing criminals. They want to convince other citizens that the only people who are interested in obtaining pit bulls are aggressive individuals and/or gang members who want to showcase their ferocity. They massage these conceptions into misinformation, and then attempt to appear as legitimate “safety advocates” whose only intentions are to protect children from “rampant dog attacks”. Their entire premise is a house of cards built on antiquated banalities, racism, and hyperbole. We’d like to thank everyone on this group for showing how humiliatingly wrong they really are. Pit Bulls are for LOVERS! 🙂


Working with dogs and being around dog lovers so frequently we hear a lot of bully lovers say, “You are more likely to be bitten by a chow or German Shepard than a pit bull”. While we understand the emotional side of this sentiment, morally the argument is harmful. When we make these assertions it harbors the notion that any breed of dog can be inherently more likely to harm than an another, which is a stereotype we’re ultimately challenging. There is no scientifically supported data that can conclude any dog is more likely to harm than another, and it really is as simple as a case by case basis. These kinds of arguments are counterproductive in dismantling discrimination. The law must treat each animal as an individual case and not judge an entire breed by isolated incidents, regardless of the type of dog.


You don’t have to love pit bulls (I can’t see why you wouldn’t, but you don’t have to!), you don’t even have to like them. What we’re asking is that you do what is RIGHT. When BSL is up for debate in your local area, shut it down!! We are sovereign individuals who DO love pit bulls and we should not suffer any discrimination because we own them. It is a matter of our culture of liberty to defend one’s right to own a pit bull whether you would have one or not. BSL is based on hatred and bigotry and it should be viewed as abhorrent to all citizens who want to call their nation free!


Banning a breed of dog is never the answer, and frankly, it is quite irresponsible. It teaches us that abuse of animals is not the problem, but rather that the animal itself is the problem. It teaches us that respecting the animal is absurd, and that the animal must behave according to our standards without any instruction or care from us. It teaches us that racist attitudes and profiling is acceptable. It demonstrates that our State and local governments reinforce these antiquated notions that one race or one breed is inherently evil, and that it is normal to pass such judgement without critically examining the reality around us.