We’ve dedicated this page to all those who have lost a pet they’ve cherished. We are avid dog lovers, and we do not consider our girls to be “like family” or “like daughters”, they ARE our family, and we understand the emotional pain can be unbearable if someone ever happens. As hard as it is to think about, we comprehend the time will come when they pass on. So we would like to have a place to honor the memory of those who are no longer with us, and perhaps in some way immortalize them here. Our thoughts, prayers, and sentiments are always with those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one and we wish you all the love and comfort you can possibly have. Remember the good times you’ve had and the warmth you gave each other.

If you would like to have your dog’s name here, please contact The Memorial Wall will be text only. Please send your name, your dog’s name, dates (ie 2003 – 2013), and a short inscription, well wish, prayer or message to honor them.


Owner:  Jamie Catron Thompson
In Memory of:  OTTIS, 2004-2013
I still call you for dinner,
I still rise early to let you out,
I still hear your collar moving throughout the house,
And through the corner of my eye I still see you sleeping on the couch.
Its amazing to me how you my beloved Ottis impacted my life.
You were not a pet you were a dear friend.


8 thoughts on “MEMORIAL

  1. i also lost my dearest one i still look for and hear him god bless you

    • Sorry for your lost anna.You will hear your beloved dog for many times.I heared and SAW my beloved dog after three days he died….. even now, after 4 years he is gone, in the night I hear noises in my room.I know he is,because when in the day I am thinking about him, and I miss him, in that night he appears,the furniture is making noises,the bags makes noise also.Every time,after 12:00,in the night, begin, and at 5:00 in the morning, a big noise, and than everything is quiet.And I know, than he is gone.Perhaps somebody will say,when will read this, I am crazy…And I have so many things to talk about,but I do not want to bother you.But be sure, their souls lives,in another World.Take care,and after a time,try to get another doggie.It will be different, but it will be also love between you and your dog.You will see.

  2. Scooby Doo. Died of his final seizure.. we still Miss him terribly. His collar rides along with me on my rearview mirror. We had him for years, he was the smartest dog. I pray to God and talk to scooby daily. I still hear his collar around the house. And though we have a new pitbull puppy now(named Big boy), its still not the same sound. I’m thankful that the state I live in still allows us to have pitbulls, for I would have not been able to get a new puppy which will always only be a pitbull.

  3. My dog, TYSON is no longer with me from 4 years.
    13.XI.2001 – 16.III.2009.
    You are gone,but your presence still touch my heart and soul.
    You gave me affection,than nobody else gave to me.
    I loved you,because you made me cry and made me sad only once in your Life time: when you died….
    It remains after you wonderful and painful memories….
    You are gone,but not for ever.When my time will come,I will meet you.
    Till then,be your soul happy between Angels,watch over me,like you did,here on Earth.
    You were my world,you are still my world ,till the end.

      • Tomorrow I will try to send an email.Thank you.

      • I tryed to send an email,with my Memorial, but I couldn’t send it.I got an answer,this adress doesn’t exist,for sorry.Anyway,is not so important to me, to put my Memory about my lost dog, on a Wall.Is important to me,that I wrote about him.Thank you.

  4. BERETTA was a gift from my husband, so I forget the idea of having a child. But she was my daughter for 15 months. The best time in my life since I came to this country because she gave me affection, than nobody else gave to me. . Now it has been 3 months since her departure and still hurts my heart and my soul. She was everything to me. She knew when I was sad, when I was happy, when for
    any reason I was mad. She was always close to me, even when I was taking shower she was in the bathroom waiting for me. She was my baby and my everything. I enjoy her a lot every morning walking a long the beach it was very paceful time.She made laugh, she made my life full of love and happiness, she made me feel strong and brave. My little breeze face will be forever in my heart ♥

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