Bully of the Week

Congratulations to our Bully of the Week Winner Ryan Long and his bully Silas!! He received 3,016 likes total! Upload your pic to Pit Bulls are for Lovers  facebook page for a chance to win this week!

Bully of the Week Contest

Hey all, if you’ve been following us on facebook, you know that Pit Bulls are For Lovers will take pics of your bully breeds and use them for inspiring messages or funny posts. In a nutshell, we make your bully famous! Well, maybe not famous, but a lot of people will see the pics!

Here’s how you can win Bully of the Week:

  • Upload a photo of your bully breed to our facebook wall (do not email them)
  • If we chose to use the picture for one of our posts, watch how many “likes” it receives
  • If your bully gets the most likes he/she will win Bully of the Week!
  • Bully of the Week winners will be added to our blog
  • Please include your bully’s name when you post the pic to our wall

All likes will be calculated AFTER they stop showing up in news feeds.

Enjoy and good luck!! 🙂