For those who are interested in entering the Bully of the Week contest by uploading your bully photos to our facebook page, we’ve created a checklist to remember when submitting. We receive hundreds of photos a week on our facebook page and email, so we obviously can’t use every pic, but that doesn’t mean you should give up! If you’re anything like us, you take a lot of pictures of your bullies and you probably have an arsenal of photos at your disposal. Please do not get upset if your photo isn’t used right away. We love to have our wall covered in photos and we appreciate the love you all share with us every day!!

So here is the check list 🙂


  • Photo resolution. Make sure the pic is not blurry
  • Photo essence. We add inspirational or humorous phrases to the pics, so make sure your bully is “saying something”
  • The bully is the celebrity! Photos of just the dog(s) will be selected more frequently.
  • Background noise. Make sure the background is free of clutter (IE trash cans, clothes, etc)
  • Scenery. If you can get the ocean, or a beach, or the mountains, or a fresh bed of snow in the pic, it helps!
  • Humor. Bullies can do some amazingly funny stuff, catch it on camera and your odds vastly improve!
  • Uniqueness and originality. Catch them in a pose that really stands out!
  • Photo captions. Try to avoid times, dates, names, or any other writing on the pic as it may conflict with the messages we add.
  • Upload to the wall rather than email. It is easier for us to scroll through the wall than to open dozens of emails. Plus others can like, comment and share your post directly.
  • Asking to have your pic moved ahead of others will not help, sorry! 🙂


Have fun and embrace the love of the bully!