You don’t have to love pit bulls (I can’t see why you wouldn’t, but you don’t have to!), you don’t even have to like them. What we’re asking is that you do what is RIGHT. When BSL is up for debate in your local area, shut it down!! We are sovereign individuals who DO love pit bulls and we should not suffer any discrimination because we own them. It is a matter of our culture of liberty to defend one’s right to own a pit bull whether you would have one or not. BSL is based on hatred and bigotry and it should be viewed as abhorrent to all citizens who want to call their nation free!


Banning a breed of dog is never the answer, and frankly, it is quite irresponsible. It teaches us that abuse of animals is not the problem, but rather that the animal itself is the problem. It teaches us that respecting the animal is absurd, and that the animal must behave according to our standards without any instruction or care from us. It teaches us that racist attitudes and profiling is acceptable. It demonstrates that our State and local governments reinforce these antiquated notions that one race or one breed is inherently evil, and that it is normal to pass such judgement without critically examining the reality around us.


Some people have remarked to me, “I like the pit bulls but I wouldn’t want to deal with all the negativity that surrounds them”. If you love them, be an ambassador for them! Don’t worry about the negativity that others try to force into your life. The love a pit bull gives to us is immeasurably more powerful than any insult that has ever been uttered; more powerful than any law ever written against them. Stand up for this love and do not cower away from the opportunity to embrace this love– because if you ever do get a pit bull you will surely understand it and wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.


It is critical that we challenge the mass dissemination of myths, lies, misconceptions, and prejudice attitudes towards our bully breeds. Whether you are in a major pro-pit bull organization or just an individual communicating with friends, families, and neighbors, you are helping the cause. Do not forget this ever! Every time one person is turned on to how wrong the stereotypes are and how amazing these animals can be, we have achieved a victory. If someone questions your ownership of a pit bull, defend with pride, honor and love! 🙂

Bully of the Week Contest

Hey all, if you’ve been following us on facebook, you know that Pit Bulls are For Lovers will take pics of your bully breeds and use them for inspiring messages or funny posts. In a nutshell, we make your bully famous! Well, maybe not famous, but a lot of people will see the pics!

Here’s how you can win Bully of the Week:

  • Upload a photo of your bully breed to our facebook wall (do not email them)
  • If we chose to use the picture for one of our posts, watch how many “likes” it receives
  • If your bully gets the most likes he/she will win Bully of the Week!
  • Bully of the Week winners will be added to our blog
  • Please include your bully’s name when you post the pic to our wall

All likes will be calculated AFTER they stop showing up in news feeds.

Enjoy and good luck!! 🙂